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We offer a possibility of raising one’s qualification through training courses in the field of pneumatic systems and components. You can choose the particular course level, either for absolute beginners or for advanced and experienced users. We would like to avoid the hours long monologues from which the participants usually achieve nothing (apart from time loss). That is why we try to adjust our courses according to the trainees’ particular needs.

The training courses thus can be divided into the following categories:

1. Beginners – the course consists of an overview of the range of pneumatic components, description and explanation of the basic principles of their functions.

2. Advanced – stronger emphasis is put on the function of the individual devices and the description of their construction. Most stressed are the function of pneumatic logical elements, valves with special purpose and construction, etc.

3. Experienced – the greatest emphasis is put on solving particular issues which the participants deal with in their daily practice.

However, not to give just a mere lecture, after finishing the theoretical part we always prefer to visit the operation itself, where we can, via concrete demonstrations of the pneumatic elements applications, show the participants how to put the presented theory into practice. Quite often in the very moment of these practical examples the participants ask many questions, which also increases their interest in the field.

Of course, theory is important, but without any connection to practice it often goes unacknowledged and the effect of the course then disappears. Very often the presentation lasts for 2 or 3 hours, followed by 1 or 2 hours of practical demonstrations in the operation. This however does not neccessarily apply to all companies, which is why during the theoretical part we try to observe the participants’ interest and knowledge level and according to that we adjust the topics, eventually the practical examples and length of the course‘s individual parts. By doing so, we try to utilize the time that a company invests into raising its employees‘ expertise as much as possible. 

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