HASKEL multipliers repairs

Already for some years we have been repairing multipliers from the American company HASKEL. The term "multiplier" can mean a lot of things, but basically it is a multiplier of pressure. Multiplier (or also booster) can increase the pressure on its output part in multiples of the pressure on the input part of the device. As for the HASKEL products, it is truly a high-efficiency solution. However, hand in hand with that also go the intricate, demanding and precise repairs. We use only original spare parts and procedures that are recommended and prescribed by the producer. The result of the repair has to meet not only the requirements for an adequate performance, but also reliability, service life and, last but not least, also the very operational safety. If you are dealing with requirements for pressure increasing, pressure tests, leak tests, etc., then we are fully at your disposal. The HASKEL products can work even with various agents – from air, through argon, nitrogen, eventually helium. We can, of course, also offer new boosters, including the potential service.

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