Many companies deal with the problematics of an electrostatic charge. It does not only complicate the technological and production processes, but also causes
problems with impurities. Airborne dust and other impurities adhere to the surface of products and often even degrade their quality. An example is the production of lights, whose reflective surface has to be absolutely clean, free of dust and impurities, otherwise the following vacuum metallizing is not perfect. If, during the vacuum metallizing, there are impurities and dust between the plastic molding and metal layer, the reflective surface's adhesion is insufficient. This not only lowers the product's quality, but also its service life. Due to heat radiation the reflective surface is mechanically damaged (the reflective surface is "peeling off") and the light reflection is thus lowered. The light is less intensive and loses its light performance. To solve this problem, either bar ionizers or ionization nozzles are used. Their functional principle is based on a compressed air flow (going through the ionization device) which, through electric impulses, enriches itself with an electrostatic charge. These electric impulses take turns and eventually the original electrostatic charge is suppressed. By the electric impulses alternation the final charge on the product's surface significantly lowers and simultaneously the problem with a possible dirt and dust adhesion on the products' surface is solved.


Bar ionizer
Device for electrostatic charge elimination
Ionization nuzzle

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